The Last Of The Real Hustlahz

Saturday, September 24, 2011

" Meet The Parentz " ( These Are The People Who Gave Birth To Hip-Hop )

It ain't nothing but a G-thang. Since me and Cali did our thing, niggaz rap about the set  they used to  claim. It's been all about the Benjamin's, baby, the choice is yours. I'm about to show up at this Source Awards in a Porsche. Black sheep, sneakers on my feet. Creeping on the red carpet for my people's in the streets. Mary J's all I need. To get by I shine. I'm Mr. Scarface, mother fucker this is mine!
I'm the Don. I should be rapping with a Turban. And I would be but my future wasn't certain. We were standing at the crossroads. Out of harmony with everything that's real. Born thugs lost codes.
You don't know what's the scenario; we used to wear each others clothes like a tribe called Quest. But where do we go when it's no limit soldiers and it's no dope flowing through the corner of the city? I'm showing love to California.
You get one more chance. Stay with me, I'm like Biggie.
I graduated from the School Of Hard Knocks. I write history.
I'm a Roc-A-Fella offspring. Will they reminisce over you and your crew every time he do his thing?
I'm just trying to get the ring.
I came to this game.
I showed Mr. Peta'Loc when he was slanging cane.
I just write about this pain. There's no hope for the attacker.
I see digits like the rain man, I should have been a hacker.
But it wasn't in his game plan. My mind is playing tricks on me. The Feds are trying to find a new
indictment that they can stick on me.
I'm an outlaw. I'm what Rosie Parks saw...I mob deep. Outcast. I shook one...running from the narc car.
More money, more problems. I got five on it.
Shit be getting hetic in the summertime don't it?.
Niggaz, tell me how you want it. My pocket's are full of stones.
I'm sipping gin and juice. I'm smoking chronic to the dome.
I'm the underground king. I fiend for this cream.
Cash rules everything around me. I get the cheese.
Dear Mama, I hit them up and regulate the scene. Put your hands where ya eyes can see!
It's L-O-C.
Come clean. I fuck a beat with no vaseline. I triumph. How many M.C.'s want to try him?
Until they finally see there ain't no nigga like me.
We see money, cash, ho's. What's the sound of the police?
Running down with the kings. How about some hardcore?
It really isn't my fault. I got caught up in this war.
I don't think you understand this. I'm damaged!!
The Peta-Loc's a hustler that lives by the Ten Crack Commandments.
I'm far from being Hov; I'm the baddest on the planet.
I escaped incarceration. Rhythm Nation, feel me, Janet?
I'm High. My names is....Slim-Shady's brother.
And I didn't get in this so I could play with mother fuckers.
Deep cover.
Hip-Hop is my bitch. I used to love her until niggaz starting fucking with that shit without no rubber.
No daddy or no mother. I'm insane in the membrane. I'm the story of a soldier from beginning until the end....Man'.
The flavor is in your ear. Protect your ear protect your neck. You and I, are U-N-I-T-Y.
Niggaz rep ya set. Make em' say " annnngggghhhhh ".
Murder was the case. Let me ride.
If I ruled the world what's my name? Who am I?
I never seen a man cry until I seen a man die. Natural born killer. Po' pimping. Do or Die. Funkdefied.
I was brought in the space age, banned in the USA. I got front back and side to side.
Chiefing hay. All I got is you. People everyday.
Dead Presidential. Politics as usual.
Brooklyn's finest. I'll be missing you. Welcome to the terror dome. Hate me now, I'll carry on.
Jeeps, Lex, Coupes. Benz and Beamers. Money, power, and respect.
Shoop. Can we talk about sex? Have you seen her?
Let me clear my throat. Treat them right? Not tonight.
M.C.'s act like they don't know that I was dope before the mic.
I'm like Super Dupa Fly. Can fools stand the rain?
Hail Mary. Do dudes know the ledge? Bring the pain.
It ain't hard to tell that I ain't mad atcha. Uptown anthem.
Deja' Vu and it's time for some action.
It's Hip-Hop's infamous seed. I got it won.
If Carter is the father...P-Loc is the son.
This is Hip-Hop's infamous seed. I got it won.
If Carter is the father? P-Loc is the son.
Meet The Parents.......


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