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Monday, March 28, 2011

Friday, March 25, 2011

" Dear God Can I Make Amendz "

Dear God,
Can I make amendz?
I waz abducted,
I didn't realize the livez I've corrupted.
Started sellz dope at an early age,
Cause I waz frustrated, deeply, at an early stage..
and we waz broke.
In my cage I'm hearing homiez cry,
Cause all the soulz that went astray are being multiplied..
I know I lied...
When I told you I waz gonna change,
But I gotta ride, for them souljahz out there in the game..
Until I die.
Too much pain and so much misery...
everytime I pray,
because I feel like you ain't hearing me..
so show me G'z..
Manifested in thiz Great Depression
Paying my duez and coming up...I done learned my lessonz..
look what I'm left with-
No protection from thiz indigence,
I reminisce,
on T.D.C. and doing sentencez,
My niggaz missed!
But I know we'll meet up in the end..
Just do ya bidz,
Dear God Can I Make Amendz...
I'm tryna make em'-endz..
I do realise that through all of thiz, that there's a lot of confusion surrounding the gap between the workz that I'm releasing and my age. What people aren't focussing on iz the fact that...13 and one-half of my 34 yearz of walking the planet earth that I've been incarcerated in at least one of Amerikkkaz vast prison systemz. Press rewind when you come up against thiz fact the next time that it arises in your own mind and do the math yourself. Then fast-forward that same fact into the present moment and look at the stats: NUMBERZ DON'T LIE! 8 yearz in the Federal Prison System..released October 8th, 2009 to the half-way house (another institution altogether)...released from that institution on or around April, 28th, 2010..and today iz what...March 25th, 2011?
Now you tell me......where else doez a reality like the one you are currently witnessing happen at? HIS-TORY IN THE MAKING, BABY...HIZTORY N' D' MAKING!!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Can't stop, Don't stop, Won't stop !

All I've ever known iz front-row hustling, when I'm down on my luck and I'm struggling, tryna duck the repercussions...iz putting me in situations, I can't escape, because thiz life that I lead iz smoking weed and paper-chasing. I gasta pave the way for my seedz, that'z being born cause they're product of me, we're tryna make it through the storm. But still I live my life az a G, out on the block until my pocketz make a profit in the middle of the morn-n, I'm yearning to get sweeted and fried, I'm creeping with thiz heat on my side, just for the tearz my mama cried...for me to leave the game but..she didn't understand my mission, now she got to feel my mutha fucking pain. I'm knocking at the door to destruction, hearing voices of her fussing, cause I'm the corner hustling with my cousinz. Itz probably cause she never made an effort, at raising me straight, so I can't help it cause I'm crazy to think..that'z itz too late for me to change now, cause I'm too deep into this game now, shit ain't gon never be the same how? Did life take a turn for the worst, at night when I sleep, I'm having visionz of a nigga in a hurts!
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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

All Apologiez

" All Apologies " is the name of a song written by one of my fellow Gen-X'ers, pioneer of a new genre in the music industry (grunge), Kurt Cobain - MAY HE REST IN PEACE. I personally identify with Kurt on a lot of levelz :
  1. We're both a part of Generation X
  2. We're both Bipolar
  3. I have a lot of apologiez to make (Well, actually I don't but, I will)
 Peta'Loc az an artist, iz quite similar to Peta'Loc az a man outside of hiz lyricz. Can we first agree on that axiom at least? Now, if you befriend someone inside/outside of an online social network, it'z apparent that you've done so for a particular reason, right? ( Whatever that reason may be ). Now, whatever that reason may've been, truth of the matter iz that you accepted that person into your social setting. Correct?
So let'z start with something that we're all familiar with today in our era: FACEBOOK. Someone sends you a friend request or vice-versa and the beat rollz on, right? WRONG!!
We must be perfectly honest with ourselvez when it comez to befriending  ANYONE inside/outside of our social networkz. I, can only speak for myself when I say thiz but thiz is a lesson I learned way back in grade school. Some friendz turn out to be sour grapez, some enemiez turn out to be friendz, blah, get my drift?
Now. If someone acceptz my friend request on Facebook, to me, it'z perfectly clear- on my end at least - that thiz person knowz me and iz following instructionz in the pop-up box: " DO NOT SEND/ACCEPT UNLESS YOU ACTUALLY KNOW THIZ PERSON!
Soo..with that being said, " everyone who knowz Peta'Loc agree on one point if nothing else " When it comez to hiz relationz with a person...Peta'Loc iz gonna do what he doez best " KEEP IT REAL!
Okay Peta'Loc, where are we going with thiz? Well, I'll tell ya, " we're going head first into some more " real shit "!
If you know Peta'Loc az an artist, then you already know, when he rapz, he rapz about things that he'z experienced. Period. HE RAPZ ABOUT HIZ LIFE! You also know deep down in your heart that if you've EVER MADE ANY TYPE OF SINCERE CONNECTION WITH THE DUDE then..the probabilitez of you, and whatever that connection waz, being mentioned in one of hiz songz iz real high up on the ladder. How do you draw that conclusion? Well, because that's probably why you even became a FAN of the guyz music in the first place. ( Actually, that all goez back to the piece i'd written ealier entitled: " WHO'Z YOUR FAVORITE RAPPER?: " I fuckz wit' Jigga, Pac, Face, Eminem, and Nas because I know what they'
re going to deliver to me as a fan....everytime I fuck with them. Period. )
My question iz: " If you call yourself a fan, then suddenly you take yourself off of the fan list because something I said in one of my songz OFFENDED YOU...what part of what I said....IZN'T TRUE? Because God Almighty Himself will be the first to say : THE TRUTH DOEZN'T OFFEND. THOU SHALL NOT LIE/ Hence..back to the point of the matter -Peta'loc keepz it real ! I'm perfectly okay with airing out my dirtie laundery, shit.. I have Chinese laundry. Maybe if you've been offended by something I've said in one of my songz then maybe,..just maybe you should reel that laundry back in and see just how that blemish or stain got put there in the first place.
So like I said..All apologiez people! I apologize. I apologize for NOTHING OTHER THAN DIZAPPOINTING YOU IN MY MUSIC BY KEEPING IT 100% REAL!

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