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Friday, August 26, 2011

" 4 Ways To Attack The Music Industry By Stratagem "


" The true aim is not so much to seek battle as to seek a strategic situation so advantageous that if it does not of itself produce the decision, its continuation by battle is sure to achieve this "- B. H. Liddell Hart

    The first rule is to pay painstaking attention to the needs and wants of your fans and the ability of the artists on your label/team to fulfill those needs. Great strategy never reacts to the competitor; instead, strategy defines the opportunity in terms of the fans and then considers the situation in the competitive environment. Strategy in the music industry is not to be looked at as a competitive game. ( After all...this is art, right? ). " Do more, better, faster " is not strategy. Strategy focuses on adding real value to the fans. Strategy does not seek confrontation; instead, it seeks to achieve objectives with minimum combat.
  1. WIN WITHOUT FIGHTING- The concept of being victorious without engaging in conflict is fundamental. To apply this concept, it is necessary to seek victory before entering the competitive arena. This concept of winning before the battle applies to every situation. Strategy is a  planning process. It is war on paper. It is doing the right thing. It is seeking victory before the battle. Tactics is a contact process. It is the action of the war. It is doing things right., It is the battle.
  3. BEWARE OF " HIGH-LEVEL DUMB "- No ONE person knows all the answers. Sometimes your manager just may not be right. We live in the Information Age. Make the search engines your best friend when it comes to researching for " how to dos "; trust'll be rewarded. Traditional artist and managers have a tendency to resist new information because it might cause them to change their course of direction. ( Change is the essence of  life, and the industry is changing as you read this at light speed.) 
  4. OBEY FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES- here are a few fundamental principles that must be obeyed in the music business at all cost:
Organize an Intelligence System: Know your market as well as you know yourself. Decision making must be data driven.
Maintain Objectives: Determine a clear direction and keep a steady aim. Do not wander down side tracks.
Establish a Secure Position: Strengthen your core knowledge and skills. Occupy a position that cannot easily be taken by your opponent.
Keep on the Offensive: Being on the offensive preserves artistic freedom of action and keeps you in control.
Plan Surprise: This is the best way to gain psychological dominance. Speed is an essential component of surprise.
Practice Economy of Force: When you concentrate in one area, you'll be weak in another. 
Keep It Simple: The simple works best. Even the simplest plans can be difficult to execute. 
    Now....If you practiced patience and read to the end of this post ( trust me, if you think reading it took effort...imagine having to write it. But hey, someone has to do it, right?) , there's something else besides knowledge to be gained from it after all. Here's a treat. Just a small token of my appreciation: 
P. S.- If you cheated and hit the link without reading the article, shame on only cheated yourself.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

" 4 Strategic Rules Of Waging War In Today's Music Industry "
     You do not know how the enemy is disposed? Fight and find out. The decisive attack can only be confidently fixed after some fighting. The tentative attack is not a separate fight, but the beginning of the battle. Launch a formation against the whole front and you learn the shape. 
     Even with the right strategy the battle is only half won;the strategy succeeds only with professional execution of tactics. Problems arise when planning is separated from execution. This is like separating thinking from doing and it diffuses responsibility.
     In today's music industry....the important thing is to get started. Many potentially great artist spend too much time in the " waiting for something to happen stage. " The artist who get that phone call, that one much needed connection, that big break that they've always dreamed of, shake themselves out of that waiting stage and make something happen. Wait, my friend, broke the wagon down! It is far more better to engage in some form of simultaneous planning and implementation. Tactical plans must be shaped in relation to reality  with the information learned form contact. The Master Bruce Lee said it best in relation to training: " Boards don't hit back. "
Here are 4 Strategic Rules Of Waging War In Today's Music Industry:
  1. Marshal Adequate Resources: In every battle, the one with the most resources has the odds in his favor. " The battle may not go to the strong, or the race to the swift, but that's the way to bet. " The problem of adequate resources is especially critical for artist/labels who are just starting out because they do not have the base of loyal customers, customers who've been converted as such from once being fans, friends, and family within their networks.
  2. Make Time Your Ally: ( The key is to become rapidly effective and efficient ) Building strength rapidly is, in itself, a clever advantage either because you take the opponent unaware or because the swift concentration of multiple elements creates the force of simultaneous action. So it is that the first one to the river usually crosses without difficulty. The speed with which a position is occupied is critical. Think in terms of  particular genres. Those who own a position early within a certain genre  may need to expend less resources representing it than those who come later and must try to break into that genre to have their name become well-knowingly attached to it. Example, back in the early 90's when people heard the term gangsta-rap....they immediately associated that with N.W.A. All gangsta-rappers after that had to work extremely hard to earn that tag. Here are a key few key issues in making time an ally:
  • As a rule, earliest is best. Time saved is time gained.
  • The later you start, the more you require.
  • The more urgent the need for a decision, the longer it takes.
  • Rapid decision making produces rapid execution.
  • Rapid action is simultaneous action.
  • Delayed decisions inevitably lose their positive quality.
  • All the positive consequences of speed accrue to the early offensive.
  • The less you delay: the less apt you are to be surprised, the less ready will be your competitor, the greater the probability your time of attack will be earlier than expected.
        3.Everyone On Your Team Must Profit From Victories
        4.Know Your Craft: In layman's terms- Stay in your lane. Stick to what you do best.!!

Brute Squad - Destiny (I Get Busy) by ghostofzigz

Saturday, August 20, 2011

PT. 2 - What Jay-Z Can Teach You about Massive Success and Work Ethic

Continued from Pt. 1.

PT. 1 -What Jay-Z Can Teach You about Massive Success and Work Ethic

Be fluid. Treat each project differently. Be water, man. The best style is no style. Because styles can be figured out. And when you have no style they can't figure you out." -Jay Z

The Not So Great Pretendas by MBennz

Sunday, August 14, 2011

" Master The Art Of Timing "

  As an independent artist in today's market, YOU ARE IN CONTROL. This is a simple fact that many of us minimize in the marketplace. The projects we choose to work on, and the timing we select to launch them are all up to us. We can't allow the actions of our competitors to dominate our every move. If we do, the competition has already won because they are controlling our agenda. Keep your competitors reacting to YOU.

  • Where your competitor is weak, choose to strike there
  • When your competitor stumbles, move in
  • Where you have a temporary advantage, exploit it, and see if you can build long-term advantage from it
  • You can only do a few things well at any given moment in time
                                    " Nobody Understandz "
Childhood dreams, 
And childhood friends done vanished,
Memories of ah nigga 14, being mannish.
And whoever would've wondered when it came to be
I wish I'd have learned the game before it came to me.
Ah young G growing up in adolescence,
We should have peeped the pain of the future in our presence.
But we were hardheaded and couldn't nobody tell me shit
12 o' clock, mama's probably raising hell and shit. 
Out on the block with the click, now they're passing the smoke,
Mashing bitch's on the dick when they ask me to roll.
I'm reminiscing when I balled with the school and all,
Now I'm missing in the halls breaking rules and laws.
I know my dogs from the hood gonna buck with me,
But my true fools, they no longer fuck with me.
Choosing the life but you're right to keep your head in the books,
Lil' nigga 14, making bread with the crooks.
Out on the scene getting crunk, in a dope-fiend ride...
Loced-Out of the blunts got it smoky inside.
Who gives a fuck about the laws on our ass
We're juvenile bound, and taking falls for our cash.
We'll be out before the sun rise, laughing and dapping
Getting high, just another night of blasting and capping.
So who am I to tell a nigga under me to stop hanging,
And gang-banging? Get out the set that he's been claiming?....

Mama's crying cause she's stressing, but what is the use?
I'm getting high because Nobody Understandz the youth.
I'm trying to get blessings, but why are they hiding the truth?
Does anybody understand the youth? 
(In no way whatsoever was this video intended to be an actual reproduction of an official video for the song " Nobody Understandz ". This video is only one from a series of YouTube segments shot on the fly to be included into a documentary. )
By the's the song in the player available for download. 
Nobody Understandz by Peta-Loc

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Undizputed Underground King Of Digital Hardcore Hip-Hop Has Arisen

Coincedence Or Conspiracy  ( Play song)
You know when I made the statement that Indie Funda is the new Facebook of music that I was dead serious? Cool thing about the Indie Funda community is that we're not just a bunch of artist tying to " force "  people to listen to our music. Far from that. Indie is a community. We value art in it's truest fashion...not just music. " Art for arts sake. " We're not individuals trying to become stars. When you become a part of the Indie Funda community you are already a star. Everyone's a star in the Indie community. This is the only community on the web where the " fans " are even stars.
( Here at Indie Funda the fans of Peta-Loc are promised to find exclusive tracks that cannot be found on any other site. )

" We Came, We Saw, We Smashed It "

Perform an experiment of focus and attention to media. Read the following words. The experiment states  a fact about an event that is about to happen in another moment in time. More precisely in the future....(Pause for a moment because I feel the need to clarify something right there: Listen, I am not a psychic. )
The world in the future will come across the same words presented to their attention-span in an audible format.  The experiment entails that you be able to recall and put together where you have read these exact same words that you are hearing? The words are as follows:
You sick of Peta'Loc the Great? You got hate in your state. Fuck showing love, I fucks up shit like the Cali quake. I bring pain, blow dro' so I can...maintain; with all these haters it's the only way that I remain sane. Stand staying on some gangsta shit, Laying with my gangsta bitch, praying she don't touch my grip. Bitch who you fucking with? You think cause you flipped three birds, that's it? Wrong nigga....To Peta'Loc a bitch can't quit.
Don't let your lil' mamas hear this. Best let your kids sleep. P-Loc'z no N-Sync...P-Loc's no BackStreet!
He's too raw, I stayed thugged-out, repping my set. The most gangsta, trill, thug-ass nigga to wreck. I keep your baby gal' shaking. My click bakes the cake then...hit I-10 with work. Forever paper-chasing. Don't just bob your head, nigga, feel me big homie, I'm deep I've been through shit click ain't phoney. I can't go weak, because everything I speak is stiff. Keeping it real is more important to me than being free. I want my grip. If you want me to squeal, keep your case. I'll do my bit and live good off of the weight in my safe. I'm a hustler's so real hustler's feel me. I ride deep like X and King because bitch niggas trying to kill me. So I pulls my K out and commenced to heart stopping. I'm going to have to bust a nigga's skull. I'm out of options.
X has got these niggaz out here stuck on drugs. Tha's okay because my Texas trillers stay straight Thugged. In this Loc-Life I live ain't shit positive. This is Mr. Peta-Loc, nigga....As Is.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

" You Ever Felt Like This? "

I'm High
(I'm assuming you played the song??)
If you're already a fan and follower of my music then you're already familiar with the story of this song. If you're encountering this song for the first time , well, here's the story behind the song.
As I stated in the opening lines of the song, " Damn, I don't know whether to write a rap, or write a mutha fucking letter." So here I was, the time was approx. between 3a.m and 4a.m. The guards had already did there last count in the dorms so that meant that my Korean homie ( David Wee ) and I's official smoke session in the restrooms were over for this 24-hour period. He was across the hall in his dorm and I likewise, in mine. I'd pulled out my notebook to " originally " write my wife a letter. But something very strange happened as I began to jot down the first line, the letter took on the structure of a song ( in my mind ). The more and more I wrote, the more the contents of the song began to take on issues that I wanted to touch on in the letter anyway. So..instead of abandoning the thought of writing a letter for the idea of writing a song and vice-versa, I just allowed the words to flow and be whatever they choose to define themselves as in the end. Well...what manifested was a song-letter or a letter-song. ( For the lack of terminology to accurately describe such a manifestation.
Now...knowing what you" know " now....listen to the song again!!!!!

Granted....none of this was in any shape form or fashion " Premeditated ".
I'm High

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